Hello friend, thank you so much for stopping by my website! 

When I first picked up a camera, it was love at first sight. Seeing the world through a camera lens changed everything for me. Having the opportunity to capture life's special moments for others brings me the utmost of joy. What began as a hobby quickly transformed into my dream job. I can't imagine doing anything else! 
 I am currently living in Portland, Oregon and am captured every day by the northwest. 

Everyone has a story that's worth being told, so send me an email and tell me yours. I would be so honored to work with you to create a photoshoot that best displays the qualities of the beautiful you! 

Some random facts about me: 
-I can quote every episode of Gilmore Girls in its entirety. 
-I cannot pronounce the word "rhinoceros" correctly (don't ask!). 
-I am originally from Texas, so you will definitely hear me drop a "ya'll" every now and then.
-I very strongly dislike cheese.
-I very strongly like ice cream.
-Yes, my hair is naturally pink ;)